Koodlu Theertha Falls

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Here is my first post and its about a place which I recently visited. It’s a waterfall called the Koodlu Theertha falls. It’s located in Karnataka India and is near the Agumbe mountain range. The place is very calm and there are no people living near this area. The thing I liked about the place is the beautiful scenery surrounding the falls. The scenery is really lush and beautiful and the water here was really cool/cold. It was great to take a quick dip in it and one can even stand directly under the falls as the water pressure is not that strong. The fall is not dangerous and one can easily swim in the pool and stand under it. The water is also quite shallow and one can easily swim in the water. Take a look at some of the pics below…

If you look at the first pic, you would also notice a rainbow formation at the bottom of the falls. I have been to quite a few falls but this was the first time I saw such a spectacle. Anyways, the falls is named Theertha which means “holy water” in hindi. So I and a group of my friends were staying in Manipal, a place near Agumbe. We decided to travel by car and it took us approximately 2-3 hours to reach the falls. The roads were good until we reached a certain point. From there, the roads were a bit narrow, and at one point we thought about whether we should proceed furthur or turn back. Luckily, one of my friends suggested we go ahead and it was totally worth it!!

Before taking a dip, one must be cautious in crossing the slippery rocks located in the sides of the falls. All in all a great place to visit and is a place I would definitely want to visit again.

Hope it was worth the read.

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My name is Rahul and I am from Bangalore. Currently I am a second year MBA graduate in my 6th semester of my studies. (Everyone knows that once you get to 6th semester you get some free time 🙂 ).

I’ve created this blog frankly because I have been feeling really bored and restless lately. So I decided to write about two things I really like doing: travelling to new places and enjoying great music. Also I guess, this would be a great experience is sharing some of my experiences and at the same time gaining insights about travelling experiences and musical tastes of others.

I have had the opportunity to visit some great countries so far:- This includes, India, Philippines, South Africa, Russia, Denmark, Sweden, South Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, and Thailand. I would be posting some blogs regarding some interesting places I have visited in these countries.

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