Architectural Marvels – Humayun’s Tomb

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Hi all,

Once again apologies that I am posting after a very long time. I hope you all won’t be disappointed after reading my next post. During my visit to Delhi, I was able to visit several monuments within the city but one monument which really captivated me, from the moment I entered it, was Humayun’s tomb.

Humayun was Mughal emperor who ruled India, Pakistan, and parts of Afghanistan for nearly 12 years. Mughals are a race of Turkish Mongol descent who were able to conquer large parts of today’s India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Bangladesh. Humayun was a very famous ruler. I know that most of you might have heard about “Akbar the Great”. Humayun was his father. He tragically died,  falling from the stairs of his library with a bundle of books in his hands and by tripping on his own robe.

Yup, a tragic end to a relatively…

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